SEPTEMBER 14, 2013 - Charlotte, North Carolina




On September 14, 2013 Jonathan Ferrell, 24, was driving home at 2 a.m. in Charlotte, North Carolina. He crashed his car, and climbed out the rear window to escape. He then went to a nearby house and banged on the door for help. The white woman inside the house called 911. When police arrived, Ferrell ran toward them to get help for his injuries. A white police officer fired 12 shots at him, hitting him 10 times at close range. Sufficient warning was not given. A North Carolina grand jury indicted Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Randall Kerrickon voluntary manslaughter charges in the shooting death of unarmed Jonathan Ferrell, just days after a partial grand jury refused to do so. On August 21, 2015, a North Carolina judge declared a mistrial in the case after the jury reached a 4-8 deadlock.